Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Dear Dad, I truly don’t have the words to tell you how much you mean to me – my identity as a man, father and husband; my self-esteem as a child of God; my purpose in life to bring the heavenly Father all glory and praise; my security to trust and trust and trust some more in one greater, higher and so Holy as the I AM; and my witness and advocacy for family!

O, how much you have taught me and how powerful has been your modeling of all the above!  I praise God because of you, Dad!    

When you stood up and handled with grace the R.T. incident in front of the church family, I was and remain so proud of you.  I believe you prevented a split in the church and were a direct answer to Jesus’ prayer for unity in John 17.                   

When you told Stacy and Stanten and me to wash and hose off our pig boots because it was time to get in the pickup and go to Sunday evening service, I was again impressed on how much your life was in sync with your teaching.

When you went the extra mile and then another mile to help Patti and me at our wedding, and all the years (almost 40) since then – only deepens my awe for you and your generous and servant heart.

You’ve always been a strong tower of faith, stability, and wisdom for me.  Losing you – just thinking about it, immediately brings me to tears – tears for me but joy for you.  I know in possibly a relatively short time you will hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant!  Well done!  Enter now into the joy of your Lord.” Amen.  I am so proud, Dad, of how you have lived your life!
I love and respect you like no other man.  Few can say their dad is their hero in so many areas – but I can!  I’ve watched you live and love and work and work some more.  I’ve witnessed your worship and your devotion to God and your covenant commitment to God and to Mom.  You instilled in me a reverent and awesome fear of my Lord that drives me to my knees in adoration and prayer.  Jesus in you has paved the way for Jesus in me.  I love you, Dad.  I love, I love, I love you!

God is good all the time.  Steve

(Dad passed away several months after I read him my letter, October 8, 2013) 

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