Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Almost four years ago I took notes as I sat at the feet of Dr. Little. The following are ten of my top LITTLE statements shared:
10.  On the Spiritual Discipline of Detachment: “In order to believe in God, we have to detach ourselves from things that keep us from knowing God.”
9.  On the Spiritual Discipline of Confession: “Why is confession so powerful?   Because when something is hidden in the dark, Satan still has power and control.”
8.  On the Spiritual Discipline of Submission: “Submission is freedom; you must relinquish things that pull you away from God.” 
7.  On the power of a transformed life: “You are the 67th book in the Bible; you are the Spirit-filled living testament of Jesus Christ!”
6.  On Leadership: “Leadership has to come from the overflow of a spiritually formed heart.  As a leader, am I praying that God’s name be hallowed not mine?”
5.  On Truth: “All truth is God’s truth; the term ‘Christian scientist’ should be a redundant term.”
4.  On Spiritual Formation: “We don’t form people; the Holy Spirit forms people.”
3.  On Shepherding: “If an eldership’s highest value is peace – they won’t go far because the tyranny of those easily offended will control.  If you’re going to be a good shepherd, you’re not going to model laws, traditions and customs, but a Christ-centered life!”  
2.  On how to reach young adults: “Three things young adults are seeking: Authenticity, Transparency and Community. This generation needs to: Experience the love of Christ before Explanation; Belong before Believe; Identify before Influence; and Image comes before Word.”
1.  On the Bible: “The Bible doesn’t tell us all there is about God, but only what humans can fathom; the Bible is a window to God.  The Bible is not for our information but our transformation.”
God is good!  Mr. Steve