Saturday, September 27, 2014

HOW’S YOUR DRIVING? - Bulletin 09-21-14

I’m getting ready to take a much needed road trip today. Beginning a trip on a Sunday reminds of another Sunday morning 46 years ago.  Our Sikes’ family and the children’s home chorus were traveling 90 miles to Lawton, Oklahoma for a special morning service.  The chorus was just ahead of me in the home bus, while I skillfully followed behind, driving our family’s station wagon with Dad sitting in the front seat next to me. 
It began to rain, but that posed no problem.  I quickly turned on the wipers, feeling a little smug about my 16 year-old abilities to handle any situation.  We then came to a hilly stretch of two-lane road.  I remember the attitude,  “I was born to drive.”  The bus passed a slower vehicle and after checking ahead for clearance, I began to follow suit.  However, while in the passing lane, I noticed two things instantaneously: 1) I was passing in a “NO PASSING ZONE” and 2) the vehicle I was passing was a police car! 
The rest of the story is quite humbling: I received a ticket and we were all late for worship.  Why?  We had to wait a long time for the tow truck to show up.   What tow truck?  The one that had to pull us out of the bottom of the ravine because I had temporarily forgotten about the side of the road being so waterlogged!  What a slide!  My ego and lack of experience contributed to my overlooking every warning signal in the book!  
I once read an article by Lindsey Curtis, M.D., entitled, “Seven Warning Signals of a Troubled Marriage.”  
  1. When common courtesies are abandoned.
  2. When couples begin to think in terms of “I” instead of “We”. 
  3. When they stop complimenting each other.
  4. When stubborn silence replaces common-sense communication.
  5. When they stop praying together.
  6. When they fail to sense and meet the needs of each other.
  7. When they fail to express love. 

HOW’S YOUR DRIVING?  God is good.  Mr. Steve

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